The draw is now available for the 2017 Alan Turner Match Play Knock Out.

Click on the link below


All first round matches are to be completed by 12th March 2017, 2nd Round by 9th April 2017 and Round 3 to be played by 30th April 2017.

Quarter Final to be played by 21st May 2017

Alan Turner Memorial Matchplay Rules

The event is an individual handicap matchplay. The handicap that applies to each player is their handicap on the day the match is played.  All players should check their handicaps prior to play commencing to avoid the embarrassment of disqualification if they play off an incorrect handicap.

Example: If Bruce has a handicap of 10 and plays Chris with a handicap of 7, Chris will play off scratch and Bruce will play off 3. Bruce will have an extra shot on 3 holes using the Match index on the grey score card.

Unlike our normal stroke, stableford and par events, the matchplay indexes must be used.  These can be found on our scorecards which are available through the pro shop.  Please make yourselves aware of the matchplay indexes before commencing your match.

The basic matchplay rules apply and the match will be at an end when one player has won more holes than remain unplayed.  If you have any queries regarding the format, please speak with Chris White, Mick Smith or any member of the match committee.

Would all players please ensure their contact details are up to date on the Club website.  We must ensure that all players are contactable so that matches can be arranged.

However, in the unlikely event that a match cannot be completed in the required time frame, the match committee will determine, by coin toss, which player will progress to the next round.

At the completion of your match, can you please advise the result either Mick, Brad or the Pro Shop or return the competition result form to the office.  If you are successful, we will notify you of your next opponents as soon as possible.

Good luck and good golfing.