Match Report
Its a busy time for the Match Committee at the moment. We have had the start of our Junior Pennants side who go into their third round this week and thanks to the team manager Neil Cranny, have been well organised and prepared for their season. 
We have also had a very successful Ladies Summer Classic, thanks to the Ladies Captain, Sharon Burden. There was a good turn out and a great atmosphere in the club house afterwards.
Some more urgent matters for the Match Committee are the Summer Cup and the start of the Metro Pennant season followed on by the start of the Senior Pennant season, which i feel we are well prepared for and in a good place to have it all worked out in the coming week. We should also have teams sorted with clothing sizes by the end of the week, so our sponsor can sort out the pennant teams shirts and pants. The Match Committee has also decided all teams will play in the clubs colour of gold and not have teams in different colours as in previous years. We are however struggling to find a suitable day and time for the pennant fundraiser with pennants being so early this year. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
We also have some recommendations to bring before the Management Committee:

  • we feel the committee should re-look at the price charges the public. Our view is our club is being under charged to the public and that a small increase in the cost would not deter the public and social groups coming out to play.
  • we would recommend that social groups are only allowed to play at the end of every field and that they play in their own competition¬†and are NOT allowed to be included in Hartfield’s competition. We are currently looking at the fixturing of the season and looking into a new payment structure for our competitions. I’m enthusiastic¬†about our group and am looking forward to working with them. As Sharon and I are quiet new any advice or ideas are always more than welcome.
    Tyson LeBrun
    Men’s Captain

Match Committee Meeting JANUARY 2019

Match Committee Meeting FEBRUARY 2019