Phil Turner and Laurie Wright

From left to right, Stephan Graham, Laurie Wright, Mike Naumoff and Gordon Sherlock

Above are a few photos of Hartfield’s hard working volunteers, the pictures below are of the guys cutting up the large pine that was blown over after recent wild weather, located at the right-hand side of the 17th just before the fairway bunkers.

I would really like to acknowledge all the hard work these guy’s put in, Laurie wright and Phil Turner are here every week tiding up tree debris, recently have done a lot of raking up and small burns throughout the golf course.

Gordon Sherlock has taking over maintaining the clubhouse lawns and using his own equipment doing a fantastic job, clubhouse is always edged and blown down afterwards it’s a real credit to you Gordon

Mike Naumoff, since Covid -19 effected our staffing numbers Mike has volunteered to mow our rough, sanding divots on tees tops, as well as trimming around distance markers on fairways.