Our dress code

In the Clubhouse

The minimum dress standard for all members and their guests in the Clubhouse is to reflect current community standards where smart casual is the requirement. Golf attire including enclosed soft-spiked golf shoes may be worn in the Clubhouse. Shirts tucked in unless designed to be worn out (this applies only to dress shirts, not golf shirts).  Shoes must be worn with socks. Leather sandals with a strap at the back are permitted.  Denim is allowed in the clubhouse provided it is clean, tidy with no rips or tears.

Clothing not to be worn in the Clubhouse includes:-

  • Elastic and drawstring top shorts or trousers (in lieu of a belt)
  • T-shirts, singlets, sweatshirts, hoodies, tracksuits
  • Rubber thongs, scuffs or work boots, shoes without socks
  • Metal-spiked golf shoes
  • Hats in the lounge or sports-bar

Women As above, with the exception that women are permitted to wear sandals with or without a back retaining strap at any time.

Dress on the golf course, practice tees and surrounds

Members and their guests, when playing golf, should always be tidily dressed in acceptable golf attire. Caddies should also comply with these requirements.

Acceptable golf attire is a collared shirt or a recognised golf crew necked polo shirt tucked in; tailored slacks; tailored shorts with either long or short sport socks and enclosed soft-spiked golf shoes or flat-soled sport shoes. Ankle socks are permitted.

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Clothing you can’t wear on the golf course

  • Denim clothing of any kind. Elastic and drawstring tops, shorts or trousers (in lieu of a belt)
  • T-shirts, singlets, sweatshirts, hoodies and tracksuits
  • Clothing with advertising logos which do not comply with the AGU rules
  • Footwear with soles or heels liable to cause damage to the course

Women As above with the addition of skirts or shorts of medium length and with the exception of golf shirts which are to be tucked in or tailored shirts designed to be worn out (no lower than hip length).